We carry out artistic promotions of social and environmental responsibility.

Proartso is a non-profit organization formed by a group of professionals in action since 2010.
The areas in which we work day by day are:
Conservation of the environment.
Preserving minority cultures
Social Inclusion
Defending gender equity
We rely on methods of circular economy. Our promotions are generated and fed to each other.
The promotion of any of the areas we work fall into one of these 3 categories:
Generates, new or existing, actions that improve the needs of the before mentioned fields.
Through artistic experiences created with material and / or content of the actions.
It promotes insertion or re-employment through the construction of the content of the “Awareness`` or the needs of the collective.

We respect art, culture and customs.

We firmly believe in people and their qualities.

What do we do


We carry out initiatives that invite the public to actively participate in the conservation of the environment, promoting concrete actions that develop cooperation and artistic exchange. We organize events aimed at encouraging greener behavior.

Gender equity

We bring knowledge and awareness into society in general to the consideration of women's fundamental rights, counteracting the factors and social environments in which intolerance can still be found.

Minority cultures

We show customs that are unknown to us to enrich the global vision of culture and enhance cooperation for development, reinforcing mutual understanding and the alliance between different civilizations.

Social Inclusion

We promote the vital learning acquired in the disability itself so that it is perceived and can be beneficial for all sectors of society. We promote equal opportunities and tolerance by knowing the qualities that bring us closer.


Tierra viva

Tierra viva

This project develops an integral growth in the community where it is established: the pre-Colombian jungle. 

3R-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-

3R-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-

It is an artistic and social initiative that aims to raise environmental awareness through art and labour inclusion for people at risk of social…

The Nature Project

The Nature Project

The Nature Project is dedicated to protecting and enriching life on Earth, raising awareness of the problems faced by nature and implementing…

Culture of Peace

Culture of Peace

Culture of Peace, aims at the dissemination of different tribes that exist in the Amazon to enrich our global vision of the world.

Work with us

Volunteer work is essential in the development of our actions, empowering with information and helping society with the resources to actively participate in improving the world around us.

We encourage the active participation of collaborators and beneficiaries.

We maintain a committed and permanent management.

We have a vocation to stay.

External relations

External relations