we are

We are an nonprofit organization that promotes artistic activities of general interest to promote personal development, social cohesion, fundamental rights and the sustainability of the most vulnerable groups of society.

Our main objectives are:

  • The social inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • Consideration of the rights of women
  • The preservation and dissemination of minority cultures
  • The conservation of the environment

“Because it is in the difference precisely where the quality, from the Proartso Association are working on initiatives that show the capabilities of groups at risk of exclusion, producing between them and the population, a” feedback”or feedback which benefits the whole of society.

We respect the art, culture and customs.

We believe in people and in their qualities.

What do we do

Social inclusion

We promote the vital learning acquired in the disability itself so that it is perceived and can be beneficial for all sectors of society. We promote equal opportunities and tolerance by knowing the qualities that bring us closer.

Women’s Rights

We bring knowledge and sensitize society in general to the consideration of women's fundamental rights, counteracting the factors and social environments in which intolerance can still be found.

Minority cultures

We show customs that are unknown to us to enrich the global vision of culture and enhance cooperation for development, reinforcing mutual understanding and the alliance between different civilizations.


We carry out initiatives that invite the public to actively participate in the conservation of the environment, promoting concrete actions that develop cooperation and artistic exchange. We organize events aimed at encouraging greener behavior.

We encourage the active participation of the beneficiaries and collaborators.

We have a committed and transparent management.

We have a vocation of permanence.

External relations

External relations