Proartso is the first Spanish NGO that operates at international level, making social and environmental programs through artistic tools.

The world changes and expects your action

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Volunteer work is essential in the development of our actions, empowering society with the necessary resources to actively participate in improving the world around us.

Awareness through Art


The construction and exhibition of artistic content for events and festivals, aims to continue with the sanitation of natural environments, the employment of people at risk of social exclusion and the creation of recreational spaces that raise awareness about the Environmental preservation

  • . Sculptures with materials from cleanings of environments
  • Performance and creative workshops
  • corporate activities and team building.
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Dancing for the Planet

Let’s dance together for the life and care of the planet

Thanks to our direct contact with various artistic and musical currents, we have developed this great charity event where international artists, artistic content and an incredible sense of belonging and environmental awareness are given their hands. A whole sensory experience based on the celebration of life.

  • Tulum.
  • Popayán.
  • Bogotá.
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