The Nature Project

The Nature Project aims to promote respect for animals and nature, seeing them as an essential muscle for life, implanting and sensitizing positive measures to ensure the future of our planet.

For this we carry out actions such as:

  • Cleanings of natural environments, beaches and oceans.
  • Bee Breeding and biodiversity protection.
  • Preservation of endangered animals.
  • Reforestation of areas affected by natural disasters.
  • Environmental awareness through art with waste

Cleanings of natural environments, beaches and oceans

Since 2016, we collaborate with volunteers and professional cleaning teams to:

  • Natural environments and hard-to-reach shores where access is only possible with boats or special vehicles.
  • Seabeds where professional divers are needed to extract abandoned fishing nets and sea-bottom plastics.
  • Beaches where immediate action is required.

Extraction of abandoned fishing nets in the oceans

Networks are considered one of the main causes of involuntary death of marine animals (fish, cetaceans, reptiles and mammals) by being trapped in them, causing asphyxiation and are usually confused by food.

We coordinate with various volunteers and diving centers, exits to the areas where the abandoned nets are spotted, sighted by the divers or by warning of the same fishermen who have lost them.

Reforestation of catastrophic areas

We carry out reforestation actions in areas that need it as a result of natural disasters: fires, floods or deforestation.

In Snota, an area close to the Colombian Amazon, it was affected by a natural catastrophe in April 2017. The area lacking sufficient trees as a result of deforestation could not contain the huge flood that swept kilometres down the homes and lives of hundreds of families.

The Proarts team in Colombia, with the help of volunteers from different nationalities, made the planting of more than 500 trees in January 2018.

Bee Breeding and biodiversity protection

In 2018 we initiated a project for the reproduction of bees, facilitating and promoting in different rural places optimal for the breeding of bees, the implantation of reproductive hives in which their purpose is the reproduction of bees throughout the year .

In parallel we carry out actions for the sensitization and dissemination of practices that help to proliferate the most important insect of the ecosystem to promote a change, vital for the survival of all the beings, in the direction of obtaining a agriculture More respectful, providing local farmers with concrete information to replace pesticide use and promote more sustainable beekeeping.

Reproduction of Seahorses

In 2016 Proartso acquired two large urns, skimmers, chillers, pressure pumps and everything needed to build a large aquarium to house several specimens of seahorses and study how they can be reproduced and released from New to the sea.

Protection and rehabilitation of endangered animals

In 2015 in the Animal Center "walk of the monkeys" of the Ecuadorian jungle, proarts with the collaboration of the Zoo Project built a tunnel of 250 meters so that the spider monkeys could move on the trees favoring their happiness and repopulation, getting by First time in years the reproduction of the spider monkeys.

Environmental awareness through art

We manufacture sculptures and decorations with materials from natural environments, performance and artistic workshops to help convey the importance of reducing consumption of single-use products and correct waste management in Events.

Necesitamos tu ayuda para seguir protegiendo y cuidando el medio ambiente